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Majestic Beauty of Ravens


Talented wildlife photographer Deidre Lantz shares with us her stunning Raven pictures.

Deidre Lantz

I’m a photographer from the USA, and my focus is on animals and the natural world. I have an Associate degree in digital photography, and I’m set to get my Bachelor’s degree in biological science in 2015. I’ve been photographing things since I was very little (maybe 5 years old) and my first camera was a tiny pocket camera that used 110mm film. Since then I’ve upgraded to a digital camera. Some of my favorite photography subjects are ravens. They are such fascinating birds. When ravens are seen together in pairs is when they are the most adorable

They’re typically a male and female bonded pair, and they tend to spend quite a bit of time reinforcing pair bonds, which makes for some pretty interesting pictures A lot of people think that they’re just big black scary birds, but they can be adorable, and if you catch them in the right light you can see iridescence in their feathers. Since moving out of the city, I’ve been able to get out to more natural areas and see animals in their natural habitats.

Some of my favorite nature areas to visit are national parks (like Yellowstone National Park) and wildlife refuges (my favorite is the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge). If I were to give one piece of advice to anyone looking to improve their photography, it would be to have patience and keep shooting. Most of the shots I get are due to luck and just getting outside as much as I can, and to take my camera with me. I’m not a perfect photographer; I’ve had my fair share of missed opportunities. I hope to keep up with my photography hobby, as long as my health and time allow for it!

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